Thursday, April 06, 2006

I wonder...

Scientists question paranormal behaviors saying that until unless they can be observed, measured and repeated, it cannot be accepted and therefore it is not True.

Scientists speak in support of Darwins Evolution theory.

Shouldn't they wait, until they observe the evolution of one species to another, measure and repeat it ?


kvman said...

Astronomers knew that earth was not flat but spherical, long before man went into outer space to observe the real thing. They knew it because of so much indirect evidences and careful interpretation of them. Similarly, there is so much indirect evidence for evolution theory. Speciation takes such a long time that it is not observable in one lifetime.

vimal said...

Why is that humans are the only living being in this whole planet of millions of species, who made artificial things (vehicles, houses, metals etc)?

Why is that no other living species, told or recorded or described in some form of art that earth is spherical.?
Why only a human could do that?

Observations and interpretations change withtime. Everybody interprets things different way. It's their perception.
Scientists thought that the atom was indivisible, the most fundamental unit of matter. Now they say there are things inside atom like protons, electrons etc. Tomorrow they will find more inside them.
So the fact that atom is the smallest thing is not true anymore.

kvman said...

Very true. Observations and interpretations change. What we know changes. But something that has never changed about science is not throwing up hands and saying, oh, this is not explainable, there is some supernatural reasons for this or that. Science has always tried to observe, interpret and tried to for a logical theory of the physical world based on evidence.

vimal said...

I wonder if any research is being done on why the humans as living species is so different from any otehr species in this planet. I think that will solve a lot of mysteries.

kvman said...

I feel we are not that different from other species at all. Homo sapiens is just the most advanced in the evolutionary pyramid. Maybe in few centuries, other species will catch up to our level of sophistication. But then, homo sapiens might have evolved into a higher form.

vimal said...

It's funny how only one species among millions of species is so very different from the rest.

It's estimated that there are anywhere between 20 - 100 million species.

According to Bhagavad Gita, there are 8 million 400 thousand species of life below humans,

What are the odds of only one species being so advanced.WAW.