Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Hindi movie star Vivek Oberoi has adopted Devanaam Pattinam (Thevanampattinam) village in Tamil Nadu

His family has camped in the village, and he has been going to every house in the village talking to them. He says "I have come here with a group of doctors. I stayed and bought lots of medicine, stoves, utensils from Chennai. We are going to start by giving proper medical care to the people, then taking care of food, and then repair the partially damaged houses. We are going to build new houses where the old ones have been completely destroyed. I will stay here for few more days, talk to the people and see what they need and take care of them. I'm also planning to buy new fishing nets and talking to some of my friends in Mumbai. We are also considering importing modern nets from china. I haven't thought about how much it's going to cost and I am not concerned too."

Courtesy : Vikatan

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