Thursday, September 30, 2004

Presidential debate

It's Bush Vs Kerry tonight.
Iam all excited about it.
Let's see how it goes.

Just for fun...

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Anonymous said...

The debate was a bit of a wash-out. Kerry had tons and tons of ammunition, but did not use it! The National Intelligence Estimate (July '04) which projected a very bleak outcome for Iraq (which Bush did not read, but Kerry did) was not even mentioned. Al-Qaida and other such groups are growing by the day, a fact that even the CIA attests to, was not even mentioned. The US is far less safer today than it was 4 years ago!

If Bush was indeed making the country safer, Why do we still have the multi-colored alerts? Both of them talk about hunting down and killing the terrorists. Have they not learned from history? The only way to eradicate terrorism is by removing the reasons for terrorism! This begins by educating the core populace. In order for your 'lesson' to be heeded, you must first have some credibility, which the US no longer has. In order to restore this credibility, start by being honest, nationally, internationally, where-ever! War is never the answer!